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Window/Glass Protection for interior and exterior surfaces

Window & glass self adhesive film for painters, plasterers and renderers

Got some windows, mirrors or other glass surfaces you need to keep clean and protected?

Protection from Paint, plaster, dust and liquids.

Our range of clean removal self adhesive films, corriboard sheets and kraft paper rolls will help minimise end of job cleaning expenses by keeping a protective layer between your work and the protected surface.

Window Protection, Surface Protection

Brand: Corriboard Model: CBP-350-2MM
Size: 2400 x 1200 x 2mm Corriboard corrugated plastic protection board for floors, bench tops and many other surfaces. Also great for window and glass cover orany other surface needing more impact resistance than just an adhesive plastic film. Durable & economical Hollow core making it st..
from $6.48
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: GWF-200m
A temporary self adhesive plastic film for windows and glass surface, this film can be applied for upto 8 months before clean removal. It is a lower tack adhesive film designed for a extended application on windows. Protect Glass, Windows and Mirrors from damage while under construction SIZE: ..
from $85.00
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: TWF-100m
Window Protection Film UV Stable 1240mm x 100M Mask windows before rendering, painting, plastering, grinding or using damaging materials. The film is transparent in colour, UV resistant for around 4 months UV (guide only) and is 60 microns thick. It will also stick to many other surfaces. Widow & Gl..
from $109.00
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: BWF-200M
55 micron Industrial 'self-adhering' plastic protection masking can be used to protect finished polyurethane doors, aluminum frames, windows and different objects around the construction site during transport and installation stages (please make sure paint is 100% cured first!). This product can als..
from $109.95
Brand: PROTRADE Model: KPR_50m
Kraft recycled paper for all masking applications Brown masking paper for general purpose, suitable for DIY painting applications and over spray prevention. Commonly use to mask boats or cars while being repaired or durry renovation and construction works. 144mm X 50Mtr  3 Per Pack For more..
from $12.21
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: SCWF-32
An Self Adhesive Plastic film to cover windows and glass for emergency services and smash repairs keeping the glass fragments in place while emergency services work.A quick and easy film to install.320mm Wide Film that is perforated at every 400mm for easy applicationProtects workers from smashed gl..
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: BOWP
A Block out Window Protection Self Adhesive Film for demolition work, office fitouts and construction works. Block out the pedestrian view from the street or work area from view into your job site. We recommend for the white side of the film to be facing the sun to reflect the light. ROLL SIZE..
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: BWF-700-50
Window Temporary Protection Adhesive Film 700mm x 50m Roll (35sqm) Protect Glass and windows from damage and marks while renovating and rendering. A clean removal no residue window temporary protection film SIZE: 700mm x 50M Thickness 60um For more info send an email via our ..
CORRIBOARD Floor Protection Sheet 2mm x 2200mm x 1100mm 350gsm CORRIBOARD Floor Protection Sheet 2mm x 2200mm x 1100mm 350gsm
New Coming Soon
Brand: Corriboard Model: CBP-2200
CORRIBOARD floor protection 350GSM grade sheet, for hard floors, tiles, timber flooring and bench top protection. The 2MM thick but higher grade GSM at 350 giving a far better protection. Corriboard is commonly used on construction sites where more heavy duty protection is required. The hollow p..
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