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Temporary Surface Protection for Carpet Tiles Glass Stone

Temporary surface protection films, boards, sheets, foam

Protective Trade Group has a wide range of temporary surface protection options.
We have self adhesive surface protection films for many different surfaces such as carpet, hard floor, window, glass, aluminimum, stainless steel and any surface you can think of.
These films are used to save you time and money on costly repair work and hours of cleaning at the edn of a job.
Our plastic adhesive films are designed to remove cleanly when used in accordance with recommended guidelines.

We also carry Corriboard polyethylene sheets and our Pad It builders foam for large areas needing higher levels of protection.

For the highest level of protection, we also offer a great range of foam underlays to be used with Builder Board and MDF sheets.

Surface Protection painters plasterers construction glass

Self Adhesive Carpet Protection Film 1M x 100M Self Adhesive Carpet Protection Film 1M x 100M
-5 %
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: CF-1-100m
Self Adhesive Carpet Protection Film 1M x 100M protects carpets and carpet tiles easy to apply and remove. Protect from dirt,glues, paints and spills during renovation, DIY’s and construction work. The sticky back self adhesive carpet film adheres well to carpets eliminating the spill..
$119.00 $125.00
Brand: BUILDER BOARD Model: BB96x30
Builder Board eliminates the need for large and bulky MDF sheets. A True Density™ rating of 3.3kg/m3. Builder Board is 100% Breathable, spill resistant and 100% recyclable! A excellent hard floor protection board, great for pre finished floors,ceramics,tiles,marble and even carpets.  ..
Brand: Corriboard Model: WC-2.4-1.2-5
Size 2440 x 1220 x 5mm 900GSM White corrugated polyproplene plastic protection board, a lightweight and durable signage grade Corriboard sheet for signwriters and printing purposes, All our sheets are Corona treated & UV stable for 1 year.  A great lightweight and durable plastic board for many d..
from $14.31
Hard Floor Self Adhesive Multi Surface Protection Film
-13 %
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: HFAF-1m-100m
Protect your tiles and bench/cook tops from dirt, dust and scratches. Great protection from extra foot traffic during building, construction and decorating. The Hard flooring and multi surface protective film is a self adhesive transparent plastic protection film that can..
$115.00 $132.00
Model: PWS
A double laminated reinforced polyweave tarp for carpet protection, provides a water and dust resistant properties Poly woven tarp plastic White 80gsm Polywoven is a double laminate non rip, water resistant, woven reinforced polyethylene plastic. Polywoven is strong protection for interior or ext..
from $110.00
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: QLD-0.7/1M
Australian Made Quality Steel construction, with adjustable side arms to suit the 1m and 700mm size carpet and hard floor adhesive film rolls for easy application! MADE IN AUSTRALIA! A quick and easy adjustable Carpet or Hard floor Film Applicator designed for the 1m and 700mm x 100m rolls. Tu..
Brand: Corriboard Model: CBP-350-2MM
Size: 2400 x 1200 x 2mm Corriboard corrugated plastic protection board for floors, bench tops and many other surfaces. Also great for window and glass cover orany other surface needing more impact resistance than just an adhesive plastic film. Durable & economical Hollow core making it st..
from $6.48
MDF Protection Boards MDF Protection Boards
Out Of Stock
Brand: PROTRADE Model: MDF-2400-1200-3
2400 x 1200 x 3mm MDF Sheets Use the 3mm MDF protection sheeting for high level impact protection. Requiring extra protection? Use MDF 3mm sheets and combined this with our PAD-IT product for soft impact barrier then apply the MDF 3mm sheets over the top to safe guard extem..
from $15.00
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: SPT-PVC
A Residue free surface tape for many surfaces, use as a edge tape for corflute, PAD IT and other floor protection products, Tape will remove cleanly residue free from surface. A PVC 100 micron thick low tack adhesive tape can protect metal thresholds, aluminium doors, window frames and different pai..
from $16.57
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: stickymat96
A self adhesive tacky mat that catches dirt and grime from workers boots and shoes for industrial, construction and other cleanroom requirements, a great way to protect and contain dirt carried in by shoes and boots. Place the Mat at an entrance way and peel away each layer when required. 30 Adhe..
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: GWF-200m
A temporary self adhesive plastic film for windows and glass surface, this film can be applied for upto 8 months before clean removal. It is a lower tack adhesive film designed for a extended application on windows. Protect Glass, Windows and Mirrors from damage while under construction SIZE: ..
from $85.00
Green Self Adhesive Multi Purpose Film 850mm x 200M Green Self Adhesive Multi Purpose Film 850mm x 200M
-12 %
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: GF-850-200m
A 55 microns thick plastic adhesive film for temporary surface protection. Protect windows, polyuretane surfaces from damage while working. Size 850mm x 200M Mask up windows, glass and mirrors before rendering, painting, plastering, grinding or using damaging materials. The film is gree..
$151.00 $171.00
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: APC-B/W
Why black and white self-adhesive protective film? The idea is that the heat of the sun and UV light is repelled by the outer white coloured face "being a natural light repellent" and the inner face black colour "known to absorb heat" draws any heat out of the protected surface side. The aim is t..
from $95.00
Brand: PAD-IT Model: PADIT
PAD IT Builders Temporary Floor Protection Roll, protect many hard surfaces like timber floors, tiles, vinyl, marble and cured sealed concrete. A great option to protect kitchen bench top and other sensitive surfaces. PAD-IT is a superior alternative to corriboard! rolls out for easy installation..
from $88.00
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: TWF-100m
Window Protection Film UV Stable 1240mm x 100M Mask windows before rendering, painting, plastering, grinding or using damaging materials. The film is transparent in colour, UV resistant for around 4 months UV (guide only) and is 60 microns thick. It will also stick to many other surfaces. Widow & Gl..
from $109.00
Brand: PROTRADE Model: 10mm-Bubble
Bubble wrap polyethylene film  is ideal for packaging, void filling, surface protection and wrap to protect sensitive surfaces. 100% Recyclable.  All Size Rolls are 1.5M x 100M, Except Bubble Wrap 30mm this is a 50M lineal roll  ..
from $27.00
White Extra Stick Commercial Carpet Protection Film 1M x 100M
Out Of Stock
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: ES-CF-1m-100m
A Temporary Self Adhesive Protection film, White in colour and Extra sticky to adhere to newly laid commercial carpets Protects your worksite and clients carpet from dirt, dust, paint and spills while renovating & construction work. Application is easy,  just rolls out for easy installation an..
CORRIBOARD Protection Corners 5mm
-24 %
Brand: PROTRADE Model: CC-2.4-85-5
Come in size of 2440 x 85mm x 85mm 5mm or otherwise contact us for custom size requirements. Corriboard Protection Corners,a corrugated plastic with a fold point used to protect sharp or vulnerable edges from damage during construction or transport. Protect pallet products from tie down stra..
$6.50 $8.50
Custom Printing Or Your Company Logo Protective Film
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: CPF
Minimum order is 1 pallet, Contact Us for pallet quantity. Print your company's logo on your protection plastic film! Promote branding and sales with your custom printed messages. You can print instruction or danger messages to your clients. Get an estimated quote here. There is a minimum order..
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: BF-124-200m
Masking for textured surfaces, 60 micro thick film Industrial 'self-adhering' plastic protection commonly used to protect non smooth surfaces needed higher adhesive levels to adhere. This product can also be used in renovations to protect different furnishings from scratches! Poly wrap masking ..
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: SPTPE-614
A excellent PE clean removal tape that leaves no residue behind. 100 Micron black polyethylene High cohesive strength for easy stripping High abrasive resistance Excellent UV resistance To protect surfaces during manufacture, transport & installations. Constructed with black polyethylene film and sp..
25 Micron Machine Wrap Stretch Film
Out Of Stock
Brand: PROTRADE Model: MW1R
Premium Pre-Stretch Machine Wrap Film.  Machine shrink wrap pallets together for secure deliveries. Stretch technology allows high elasticity and puncture resistance, ideal for securing load on the pallet. The film comes pre-stretched on the roll. Dimensions: 500mm x ..
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: PT-A75
Packaging Tape, 48mm x 75M Acrylic Glue Economy Grade Packing Tapes, ideal for low temperature,    BOX QTY: 36..
Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Clear 500mm Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Clear 500mm
-10 %
Brand: PROTRADE Model: CPWB4
Also available in black Clear stretch film pallet wrap. Ideal for wrapping pallets and boxes together for secure deliveries. Premium Stretch Film Handwrap 500mm x 350M x 25micron Box contains 4 Rolls..
$20.70 $23.00
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: CCF-32x40
Each sheet size is 600mm x 400mm One roll is 100m in length, so approximately 250 sheets in 1 roll! Carpet Film may be applied for up to 2-3 months (guide only). Please read the instructions. Protective Film car and mat carpet protection cover has a unique adhesive system for roug..
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: CT-14cm-100m
Self Adhesive Carpet Film Edge Tape, masking up carpeted areas for edge protection close to skirting boards and walls. Tape down power cords and other trip hazards A clean removal temporary adhesive plastic film for carpet protection  HANDY ROLL SIZE OPTIONS 140mm x 100m 230mm x ..
Non-crosslinked PE Foam products are produced using low density Polyethylene resins with HCFC & CFC free gasses. Along with being a lightweight material, PE Foam is also non-abrasive and chemically inert, water resistant and environmentally 100% recyclable. PE Foam's soft texture makes it the ideal ..
from $70.18
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: BTD-Roller
NEW Multi Setup Benchtop Roller Masking Film Dispenser with twin rollers for quick and easy masking! Spring loaded rollers make for set up adjustment and film replacement in a matter of seconds. This dispenser was designed with maximum settings and options so it can be setup for many different ap..
Brand: PROTRADE Model: BFHW100
Core Size 76m Premium Stretch Film Handwrap 100mm x 20micron Shrink wrap boxes together for secure deliveries  ..
Heavy Duty Floor Protection Board
Coming Soon
Brand: PROTRADE Model: RAM96x30
TOUGH HEAVY DUTY FLEXIBLE FLOOR PROTECTION ROLL Heavy duty, liquid resistant & breathable protection for hard surface flooring .  A temporary surface protection solution for hard timber floors, tiles, marble, concrete, floating floors and similar surfaces, a temporary solution to hard floo..
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