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Disposable and Reusable Work Gloves

PPE to protect your hands from damage in the work environment

From food service to welding, Protective Trade Group has your hand protection sorted.
Disposable vinyl and nitrile gloves for messy work.
General purpose gloves for everyday site work.
Cut resistant gloves that last longer than regular work gloves.
Leather riggers and welders gloves for those high demand jobs.

Hand Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Gloves

ProSense DexiPro
-49 %
Brand: Prochoice Model: BNNL
Lightweight lint free nylon machine knit with LYCRATMLYCRATM infusion for improved dexterity and contour to hand shape with ultra thin nitrile foam palmNitrile Coating provides superior gripping power in wet, and dry conditions yet retains superior feelExtra long 20mm cuffAnti-static linerQty/Pack -..
$3.90 $7.70
Inc GST:$4.29
Brand: Prochoice Model: 417PB
Cow split leather palm, cotton backed Lightweight and economical Safety cuff and knuckle bar for added protection Suitable for many industries One size fits allQty/Pack - 12 PairsQty/Carton - 120 PairsONE SIZE FITS MOST..
Inc GST:$4.79
Blue Vinyl Gloves Powdered
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Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: DVGBP
General Purpose, examination gloves for regular dutyComfortable beaded cuff providing extra strength and preventing liquid roll offDOP & EHP freeLatex freeAmbidextrousCornstarch powder for easy donningBlue Vinyl glovesSizes: S, M, L, XL, XXLQty/Box - 100 piecesQty/Carton - 10 Boxes***please note the..
Inc GST:$15.82
Brand: Prochoice Model: NNFWR
LITE-GRIP Full Dip W/R Nitrile Foam on Nylon Liner - NNFWR Nitrile foam coated on nylon gives excellent dexterityFully dippedWater repellantNylon liner makes this glove lightweight and breathableIdeal for concreting, bricklaying & wet workQTY / Pack: 12 PairsQTY / Carton: 120 PairsApprovals: EN 388 ..
Inc GST:$9.35
Brand: Prochoice Model: KBW16E
High quality blue cow split leather Kevlar stitched to withstand high temperatures for longer periods Lined and welted Reinforced palm and thumb for added durability 406mm (16 inches) long for forearm protection.One size fits allQty/pack - 12 PairsQty/Carton - 48 PairsCertified to EN 388: 2344 & EN ..
Inc GST:$19.02
Brand: Prochoice Model: LN
Black Panther Pro Choice latex plam glove for labouring and construction work.100 % nylon machine knit 13 gauge Nylon liner makes this glove lightweight and breathable Latex dipped palm for extra grip Excellent abrasion resistance Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11Qty/Pack -12 PairsQty/Carton - 120 Pairs.Applic..
Inc GST:$4.24
Brand: Prochoice Model: 940GY
Heavy duty cow split one-piece palm Yellow safety cuff and knuckle bar for extra protection Lightweight, economical cotton back.One size fits allQty/Pack - 12 PairsQty/Carton - 72 Pairs ..
Inc GST:$6.00
Brand: Prochoice Model: 7407
'A' grade quality heavy duty all-chrome leather glove Tough and durable with a 5cm chrome leather cuff for added protectionSize: XL Qty/Pack - 12 PairsQty/Carton - 72 PairsGlass Handling Light Fabrication General Purpose Handling Warehousing Waste Management..
Inc GST:$6.41
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BGG13GN
A Quality made durable working glove, high cut level 5 building and construction glove. A comfortable and flexible 360 degree breathable working glove. Oil Resistant micro foam nitrile for excellent dexterity and a great feel and comfort on the hand to reduce hand fatigue. 13G seamless breathable hi..
Inc GST:$12.05
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNG6872-6
Black Nitrile Gloves provide outstanding resistance against many commonly used chemicals, and are more resistant to puncturing, they also do not show stains from Inks and dyes.Examination glovesAmbidextrousBeaded Cuff - Providing additional strength & preventing liquid roll offLatex freeOur gloves a..
Inc GST:$42.35
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG21723
Poly cotton Gloves Reduce Dust and FingerprintsKnitted seamless polyester/cottonBleached for clean appearanceAmbidextrousKnitted cuffs for secure & comfortable fitReusable & washableHighly Breathable for perspiration reductionOrder Code / SizeBSG21723 / MEDIUMBSG21724 / LARGEBSG21725 / EXTRA LARGE..
Inc GST:$1.69
Brand: Prochoice Model: MDNPF
Examination GlovesMade from100% Nitrileautomotive repair & paint tradeImproved protection from oils, grease,fuels, cleaners,Hypoallergenic properties for sensitive skin typesLow odor nitrileLatex free & vinyl free material delivers superiorcomfort for extended wearin wet & dry conditionsPowder free,..
Inc GST:$31.90
Brand: Prochoice Model: 803C
Grey 'suede look' cow split rigger glove Tough and durable Colour coded cuff for easy size identification Sizes: L, XL, 2XL Qty/Pack - 12 Pairs Qty/Carton - 120 Pairs..
Inc GST:$7.99
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BR13GL
A great all round general purpose lightweight and breathable working glove for the construction and building industry, a general purpose working glove to stop cuts and abrasions while working. 100 % nylon machine knit 13 gauge Nylon liner makes this glove lightweight and breathable Latex dipped palm..
Inc GST:$2.82
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BB13GN
13G seamless breathable nylon shell Double dipped nitrile coating for superior oil and water resistance Excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance Sandy foam nitrile second coat provides exceptional grip in dry, wet and oily conditions Elastic knitted cuffs for comfortable secure fit S..
Inc GST:$3.40
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BG13GP
A great Cut 5 Level glove, protect your hands while working with is high grade for abrasion, tear and puncture working glove. good dexterity and durable polyurethane coating.13G seamless breathable economical HPPE/glass fibre cut level 5 shellDurable polyurethane coating provides excellent abrasion ..
Inc GST:$10.29
Mako Grey Gloves Black Micro Foam Flex Nitrile Coating
-16 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG6653
Mako Grey HPPE Spandex Gloves Black Micro Foam Flex Nitrile Coating, 18G seamless breathable cut level 3 nylon/spandex shell with exceptional flexibility & sensitivity. Unique double dipped micro foam flexnitrile coating technology provides superb soft feel & dexterity for reduced hand fatigue. The ..
$9.16 $10.95
Inc GST:$10.08
Marxen Black Nitrile Coating HI VIS Polyester Glove
-52 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG34122-6
Bastion Pacific Marxen Black Nitrile Coating HI VIS Polyester Glove• 13G seamless high visibility breathable polyester shell• Smooth nitrile coating with exceptional oil resistance• Excellent abrasion resistance• Elastic knitted cuffs for comfortable secure fitEN388 4121XCurrent stock selling out, L..
$2.20 $4.62
Inc GST:$2.42
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG22724
Poly Cotton Gloves with PVC dots for extra gripKnitted seamless polyester/cottonBleached for clean appearanceAmbidextrousKnitted cuffs for secure & comfortable fitReusable & washableHighly Breathable for perspiration reductionSingle Sided black PVC dots, for enhanced gripOrder Code / SizeBSG22723 ME..
Inc GST:$2.26
Brand: Prochoice Model: CGL41B
Premium cow grain rigger gloveWing thumb, stitch-free palm  for increased durabilityColour coded cuff for size identification Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XLQty/Pack - 12 PairsQty/Carton - 120 Pairsgeneral purpose handlingconstructiongardening miningrigging..
Inc GST:$12.05
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BGC32
Dual interlocking jaws to hold your gloves and other items when working Box Qty 125 piecesCode: BGC32..
Inc GST:$2.27
Salerno Neoprene 380mm Heat Resistant Gloves
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Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG18334
High quality neoprene glove with excellent chemical and heat resistance Seamless cotton liner for increased comfort, heat resistance and perspiration absorption 380mm length for increased arm protection Textured grip pattern for excellent wet and dry gripReusable Latex freePacked in individual pairs..
Inc GST:$45.38
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BG13GP
Messina Grey Nylon Glove with a Polyurethane Coating, 13G seamless breathable nylon shell. A Lightweight with durable polyurethane coating providing excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance. Elastic knitted wrist for comfortable secure fitQty/Pack -12 PairsQty/Carton - 120 PairsEN388 4131Sizes: 7..
Inc GST:$3.85
Brand: Prochoice Model: BLG2122-6
Quality cow grain leather Excellent fit and dexterity Wing thumb design for stitch free palm and incresed durability Shirred elastic back for superior fitDouble stitched for superior protection & durability Accurate sizing - EN420 standardsQty/Pack - 12 PairsQty/Carton - 120 Pairs..
Inc GST:$7.61
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNG01WB
Single Wire Glove Dispenser Wall BracketProvides an efficient and hygienic method of storing and dispensing glovesWhite Powder Coated SteelFits all standard Bastion glove boxesSupplied in packs of 2 with screwsQuantity per Inner 2Quantity per Carton 5Inners per Carton 10..
Inc GST:$14.52
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG77633-6
10G seamless breathable knitted high visibility acrylic loop shell for level 2 contact cold resistance as low as –30ºC Cut level 3 protection Sandy latex coating provides good flexibility, dexterity and oil resistance.Sizes: 8,9,10,11Qty/Pack -12 PairsQty/Carton - 72 Pairs.EN388 4342,  EN511 x2xAppl..
Inc GST:$10.45
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG15135
Unique Nitrile formulation for excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, fats and oils500mm length for increased arm protectionRough granular grip for exceptional wet and dry gripCotton interlock liner for increased comfort and perspiration absorptionReusableLatex freePacked in individual pairs w..
Inc GST:$35.70
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BSG91835
Zamora Silicone Grip Heat Resistant Glove up to 350 degreesComfortable fit and high dry heat resistance 350mm length for increased arm protection Reusable Packed in individual pairs with Hangsell tabsEN407 contact heat resistant level 3 (350°) One Size Fits AllQty/Pack - 6 PairsQty/Carton - 24 Pairs..
Inc GST:$29.70
Maxisafe G Force Ultra C5 Cut Resistant Glove
Coming Soon
Brand: Maxisafe Model: GCF178
Maxisafe G-Force Ultra C5 Cut Resistant Glove Features and Benefits 18 gauge exclusive lining technology delivering the thinnest and finest cut 5 nitrile glove on the market Certified to the Oeko-Tex 100® standard, which means they do not contain any harmful/carcinogenic solvents Abrasion re..
Inc GST:$15.40
Brand: Maxisafe Model: GNN192
Black Knight Gripmaster Glove Maxisafe’s Black Gripmaster® coating technology ensures the Black Knight has excellent grip in wet, oily environmentsMulti-layered Gripmaster technology prevents oil penetration while repelling water ensuring excellent gripAnti-Bac antimicrobial treatment provides prote..
Inc GST:$6.05
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