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Protection Grade Corriboard 350gsm

Protection for floors, windows benchtops

Our protection grade 350gsm Corriboard sheets are a better grade of polypropylene making for a longer lasting higher protection sheet.

All our Corriboard sheets are 100% recyclable. Look for protection grade sheets to be a least 350GSM (grams per sqm) or higher so you know your getting the proper protection on the job site.

Protection Grade Corriboard 350gsm, Corri-Flute Sheeting

Brand: PROTRADE Model: CBP-350-2MM
CORRIBOARD floor protection 350GSM grade sheet, for hard floors, tiles, timber flooring and bench top protection. The 2MM thick proflute board is commonly used on construction sites where more heavy duty protection is required. The hollow polypropylene corrugated plastic structure makes it highly..
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